Lifting Incomes For Teachers in Early Childhood

What is LIFT-EC?

LIFT-EC is a program designed to bolster the early childhood education workforce by providing teachers with increased recognition, financial stability, and incentives to stay in the early childhood education field through the bi-annual distribution of salary supplements.

Who is Eligible?

  • Individuals must work in a licensed early childhood education center in San Miguel County.

  • Individuals must complete six-months consecutive employment at a licensed childcare center or preschool, if six-months of consecutive employment was available.

  • Individuals must work at a center with a signed Strong Start MOU.

  • Individuals must work a minimum of 15 hours a week with children ages 0 to pre-kindergarten.

How mUch do Teachers receive?

Teachers are eligible for amounts ranging from $2500 to $6500, depending on their early childhood credential level, as determined in the Colorado Shines Professional Development Information System.

WHy Salary Supplements?

The evidence is clear: highly qualified, consistent early childhood teachers are key to creating quality learning environments and setting children on a path to future life success.

  • Research shows that quality early childhood education is directly related highly qualified teachers.

  • Nurturing and stable relationships with caring adults are essential to healthy human development beginning from birth.

There are many barriers to sustaining highly qualified, consistent teachers in the early childhood field.

LIFT-EC is a strategy to overcome these barriers and thereby improve the quality of life for early childhood teachers. In doing so, we foster learning environments that allow all children to thrive.